Hey! Sat nam!  I am so happy that you are here!

My name is Gian Tara and I am  a Kundalini yoga teacher, sound healer, Reiki Master, Sat Nam Rasayan healer and a artist/composer/musician.

I studied Kundalini Yoga at Ra Ma Mallorca with the brilliant teachers Harijiwan, Guru Jagat & Gurujas and I continue to be their student.

I have been studying astrology and numerology, mysticism and philosophy, both western and eastern, for the last 20 years. I have been meditating and doing yoga for even longer but only just managed to make it a solid daily practice in 2017. I was always reading, Doing, not as much.

My secret goal in life has always been enlightenment, the great awakening. To experience God. To understand life, the universe and everything.

Let’s just say that’s a work in progress…

I love Kundalini Yoga and teaching it brings me immense joy. I feel like I have finally hit gold after deacdes of searching. Kundalini yoga  is the yoga of awareness, a Raja yoga (royal yoga). It is a masterful technique to bring you closer to your essence, your soul.It is also  a householder yoga, perfect for people with a busy schedule that still want to develop a powerful spiritual practice.

I have another website The Sacred Way where I post about the things I find that fascinate me. It went on a break while I dove into studying Kundalini yoga but now I have found a balance and have started to post there again. 

I believe sharing makes us stronger. 

My goal in life is to do my best, no matter how imperfect my best may turn out to be, to help make us all become a stronger kinder people. To be who we really truly are. I want to share all my knowledge, my thought process of pondering those questions and my progress along the way. I believe in big goals. Big dreams are the best. (Think Martin Luther King.)

If you are reading this, know you are loved, at least by me.

I have made it my business to take every single human being into my heart and am in a process of growing my heart to better fit all of you in there. I am working on an infinitely big heart.

With so much love, 

Gian Tara