Astrologer, modern mystic & cosmic empowerment coach

You are here for a reason. Your unique way of expression and being-ness is needed for the world to be whole. And it’s needed now.

I am here to help you reconnect to your inner magic, find your gifts and bring them out into the world. 

Life gets to be magical when we lean into self-compassion and practice, not perfection.

I am here to serve you and guide you back home to you.

ways to Work with Gian Tara

Book a tarot reading. Get alchemical insight into your life direction, next steps or anything else that is on your heart.

Book an energetic healing session with me. I use reiki, shamanic healing and sat nam rasayan. Whatever is needed for you, now.

Empowerment coaching to help you to step into your power and find the courage and certainty to do what you came here to do.

Book an astrology reading. We’ll dive deep into your natal chart and or transits to empower you on your path forward.

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