You are alive at this moment for a reason. Your unique way of expression and being is needed in the world.

Life gets to be magical when you lean into our true self and decide to own your power.

I am here to help you reconnect to your magic, find your gifts and bring them out into the world. To serve you and guide you back home to yourself.

If you want to reconnect to your magic, get to know yourself deeply, understand why you are the way you are, trust in your gifts and own your personal power, a great way to start is with a 90 minutes Soul journey astrology reading.

If you want to go really deep you can book a Life purpose astrology reading where we go even deeper and bring in other mystical systems like Human Design and Gene keys, channelled through my fine tuned intuition.

If you are ready for a deep transformation, Become Un-f*ckwithable, my transformational cosmic coaching services might be for you. You find more information a little bit lower on this page.

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Jara Gian Tara and I am a student + Guide of the Mystical arts.

I am a 6/2 Splenic Projector and a Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon with Sagittarius rising.

According to my astrology and Human design I am here to go to the depths of human knowledge (Sagittarius + Scorpio) and the mystical realms (Pisces) and from my explorations into the mystical, rise from the depths as a wise Guide and role model to others humans (6/2 Projector) using my strong intuition (Splenic authority). My Mercury in Aries + Gate 17 makes it super easy for me to see and understand patterns and find solutions.

I am a mother of two and spent most of my 30s, until my first Saturn return, in trial and error mode. To be honest, it felt like mostly error… I am a musician and I have released a couple of albums and written music for many theatre productions, short films, art installations and a feature length documentary.

I have been studying astrology and mysticism all of my life, since I was a child. When nobody was interested in it, I was studying it. 

I don’t believe in astrology. I don’t have to. I know it works, so I use it.  And like any art and science, you can always go deeper.

I am also a practicing yogi, a kundalini yoga teacher and student of cosmic shamanism. It sounds more woowoo than it is. I just work with energy, which is all there is anyways…

I sometimes call myself a mystic. The word mystic means one who has had direct experience of the divine. Because I have and I do all the time when I remember to get out of my own way. 

I don’t believe in the divine. I don’t have to. I experience it and I know it.

But most of all I am an artist of life. 

And a Medicine Woman. The medicine I bring is a connection back home to YOURSELF.


NEW Masterclass: Don't Believe Everything You Think

You’re the Boss of You – How to deal with your mind so it starts troubling you and starts serving you.

Learning to be in charge of your own mind and thoughts is the most important work you can do for yourself and the people you love.

As you learn to do this, everything becomes easier.

Literally everything. 

It sounds like a bold claim, but have you thought about how powerful your mind is?

And have you thought about how your mental state is at the root of all your best and worst moments.

As we become conscious of our mind, thoughts and emotions, we begin to realize that the thoughts are the cause of our emotions, not the other way around. Read this again if you need to.

Sure, life can be incredibly hard. But having a mind that runs around like a wild animal makes the hard times harder.

Life can also be incredibly wonderful – and in those moments  an untamed mind can as easily ruin that. As opposed to how a mind that has been trained to serve you can expand and relax into the wonders of life.

When your MIND rules you, the thoughts that run through it rule your life.

When YOU rule your mind, you rule what thoughts you allow to affect you and you become YOURSELF.

When your mind is serving you, difficult thoughts can be seen as what they are – difficult thoughts, not reality. And we begin to be able to choose supportive thoughts over the unsupportive ones.


Allow me to help you decipher the map of the cosmos that is you.

Astrology is a sacred language we can use to translate the book of the world. The outer and the inner worlds.

In it we can read where you came from and where you want to go in this lifetime.

Here are some things we can look at:

  • Your dharma, your main mission in this lifetime.
  • Your karma, your patterns that come from past behaviours and actions.
  • Your emotions and subconscious behaviours
  • How you love, how you want to be loved and what you value
  • How your mind works
  • What you need to be fulfilled in a relationship
  • What you need to be fulfilled at work

A few things happen when you come for a reading with me – You will feel seen, maybe for the first time in your life. 

You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself. And I will do my best to let you leave with a new and deeper self-compassion and humour for yourself.

Become Un-f*ckwithable

Get crystal clear on who you are and what it is you really came here to be and do.

Step up and own your power.

Together we clear away the bullsh*t that is getting the way of you being you and living your destiny. I will tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear. While being 100% on your team.

This is a warrior training for those who want to safe time on their journey of expansion and growth.

I offer 3 packages:

Wandering Star

This is ideal if you know you want something more than a 1on1 reading with me and have a clear and specific problem that you would like help with, but you are not looking for a Guide. This is also great if you are thinking of signing up for the longer packages and would like a taste of it before you commit.


2x 2 hour sessions with 2 weeks in between with 1 on 1 Voxer access to me for 2 full days between sessions

Star Power

This is ideal if you have a clear area of life that you would like to focus intencely on for just over 40 days. It takes 40 days to build new neural pathways. To install a new pattern of possibility within you. 


6 weeks together, with 6 private sessions and 1 on 1 Voxer access in between

Become Un-f*ckwithable

3 months with me on your side. A lot can happen in 3 months. This is for you if you are ready for change. You are ready to start doing the work it takes to be in charge of your own destiny. 

The focus can be deeply spiritual and energetic and also very down to earth and practical.


Astrology and Human design deep dive

Me in your back pocket via voxer

Customised spiritual practice

Working through energetic blocks that are stopping you in your full expression of who and what you know you can be.

And whatever else I feel will be helpful for you.

If you are interested I can send you all the details, price and logistics and we can see if it’s a good fit.


Personal readings



“I really loved the reading with you! I understood deeper connections and aspects of my natal chart and how to work in alignment with it, even though I already had it read before. I feel so well prepared for the transits coming my way this year, with the pragmatic and at the same time so sophisticated strategies you offered me. You reignited my love for studying astrology and follow the cosmic weather, and reaffirmed my soul’s longing and purpose. I left the reading mind-blown and heart-full and recommend you to my friend the same evening at dinner. Thank you for everything!”

Franka Rauch

“Thank you so much for the astrological reading and the wisdom you shared in the autumn equinox class Jara! I received so many blessings from your chart reading. I loved the enthusiasm, kindness and care you brought to every aspect of the reading. I felt deeply comforted and joyful to listen to your observations of my chart, and I felt truly seen by you.

The parts of my chart that might have been deemed “good” or “bad” by another reader were explained by you with no judgement and all love. I felt completely guided towards my reason for being on this earth and this moment. I also could see your deep respect and love for this sacred and divine design that is astrology. I would recommend (and already have) your astrological readings to anyone in my life because I know that anyone could benefit. Thank you so much.

I looked back at my notes from your reading several times already and I am always seeing deeper meaning and insight from the words you expressed. I loved this reading and I also loved the compassion and non-judgemental observation you brought to your autumn astrological update for this turbulent quarter. Grateful to be connected to you as an astrologer.”


“We went to Jara Gian Tara for a Relationship reading because we were at a certain turning point in our relationship. We didn’t have any previous knowledge of birth charts but Jara Gian Tara was incredibly talented at leading you through the charts and translating the important wisdom of astrology into language we could understand. We both found this very valuable, interesting and fun and we can not recommend her highly enough for other couples.”

S. & B. – Relationship reading

“I am mind-blown! Thank you so much. I feel so much lighter. It felt like many sessions with a psychologist wrapped in one. I will be coming to you regularly from now on.”


“Absolutely amazing! I see things differently after the session with Gian Tara, very clear and fascinating reading. I recommend this for everyone that wants to know themselves better.”

Salvör Thorlacius

“I had an astrology and tarot reading with Gian Tara. She is really wonderful and warm and full of wisdom. I learned many new things about myself, got good advice and a new way of seeing many things. She gets 5 hearts from me.”

Ýr Bergsteinsdóttir


Cosmic Coaching





Jara Gian Tara is a true healer. She helped me work through some major limiting beliefs and created a plan of action for me that felt safe, accessible and fun.


Her intuitive understanding of knowing the exact right thing to say, and vast knowledge of healing modalities made our time together unlike anything I’ve ever done.


She integrated her astrology and kundalini practices with her background as a life coach to empower me to tackle the questions that I came with.


I especially loved her approach to astrology – she uses it as a tool to give insight into the soul, to affirm strengths and weaknesses, and allow for more self compassion and healing.

She was willing to go above and beyond which made me feel cared for the whole way. I am so grateful to know her and to have worked with her!



– Rachel Sumner


It was an amazing experience to work with Jara.

 I am much more self-aware. When I find myself in stressful situations now, I know why I react the way I do and know that I have a choice to react differently.

For example, I am more aware of the Cancer element in me. I have a tendency to put up a wall of defence, much more than I realised. Knowing that about myself is very helpful both at work and at home.

I thought it was incredible how I managed to open up to “abundance”. It’s crazy how quickly things can happen when you open up to it. When I started working with Jara Gian Tara, I was quitting my job and looking for a new job. She helped me a lot through that process and I am now in a new position where I am much more satisfied and with a much better income.

 I’ve also been writing down new moon intentions and it’s amazing, they just all come true.

 I am happy that I chose the longer container because the weeks are so short. I started out with 6 weeks but then extended it to 3 months. It was good to go through the ups and downs with Jara and be guided through them.

 I definitely recommend this to those who are considering Cosmic Coaching with Jara Gian Tara.”

– H.





Námskeið um orkustöðvarnar 7

Námskeið um orkustöðvarnar 7 – ferðalag um orkulíkamann þinn.

Lærðu um og upplifðu orkulíkamann þinn.


Þetta er tilbúið námskeið sem þú tekur á þínum tíma þegar þér hentar.

Það eru 7 uppteknir tímar með fræðslu um hverja orkustöð fyrir sig og svo Kundalini yoga og hugleiðsla sem vinnur að því að jafna hverja orkustöð fyrir sig.

Það sem nemendur hafa að segja:

“Takk fyrir námskeiðið, mjög áhugavert og árangursríkt fyrir mig. Ég er að hugsa um að byrja aðra umferð og hlusta á tímana aftur frá byrjun.” S. G.

“Takk fyrir námskeiðið sem var að klárast. Mér fannst það rosalega gott og það gerði mjög mikið fyrir mig. Mér fannst ég byrja að læra að tengjast orkustöðvunum mínum betur. Ég fann alltaf mikla vellíðan eftir tímana og meltinginn mín varð áberandi rosa góð (eitthvað sem ég bjóst ekki við).” L.


Astrology 101 - Masterclass

A pre-recorded masterclass with Jara Gian Tara that goes over ALL the basic building blocks of astrology. 

This is an incredibly densely packed hour that gives you a quick jumpstart on your journey towards understanding the magical mystery of Astrology.

Subjects covered:

The 12 zodiac signs

The sun, the moon and all the planets

The rising sign and all the houses

The four elements

The three modalities

The connections 

You will also be guided to how to create your own natal astrology chart so you can start diving into Astrology.


Create your own birth chart

Book a reading with Jara Gian Tara here birth chart calculator .

Explore your birth chart with Gian Tara birth chart calculator .

Explore your birth chart with Gian Tara birth chart calculator.

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