Your life story is written in the stars

Your birth chart is a map that illuminates your life path, your mission in this world and what

is needed for you to live a life following your destiny.

Allow me to read the map of your life to you, and guide you home,

back to you

What is a birth chart?

 Your birth chart is a snapshot of the sky at the exact moment you took your first breath on this Earth. 

A snapshot and a blueprint for your life as a starry spirit, an embodied soul living on planet Earth.

The birth chart is a mirror of the sky within you, holding the key to unlocking the great promise of your life.

It contains a unique set of symbols that represent the position of the planets, each one reflecting a different aspect of your nature and the events that shape your life. All the planets of our solar system play a role in your chart and they each hold a part of the story.

Using your birth chart as a foundation, we can derive timing-based interpretations to provide insight into your current life circumstances and cycles. By understanding the movements of the planets and their impact on your chart, we can help you navigate life’s challenges and opportunities with greater clarity and purpose.

Ready to uncover the mysteries of your birth chart? 

Book a reading today and embark on the journey of your life, of self-discovery and empowerment. 

Why get a reading?

First and foremost, I see it as my mission as an astrologer and guide to guide you back home to yourself. For you to see,  possibly for the first time, how wonderful you truly are. Your strengths and your wisdom.

At the heart of astrology lies the art of interpretation.

You might have tried google-ing yourself through understanding your birth chart and feeling a bit lost in the process. 

Getting a professional reading can save you years of learning on your own. 

You bring the questions and I find the answers in your chart.

Birth charts are intricate tapestries of symbols that hold immense depth and meaning. As an experienced astrologer, I can translate the complexity of these symbols and their nuanced relationships with each other.

To truly unlock the wisdom of your birth chart, context is crucial.  We don’t want to look at anything in isolation. The planets are in a conversation with each other and we need to look at the whole to understand any of the parts. 

In our consultations, I will act as your guide and translator, connecting the dots and providing practical guidance and clarity to answer any questions you may have. 

But our consultations are not a one-way street – my preferred method of reading a chart is in dialogue with you. In a conversation we arrive together at understanding the unique insights your birth chart holds.

Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth? 

Book a consultation with me and unlock the transformative power of astrology.

Astrology is not a personality test

It is a sacred language of the universe, a compass and a map.

We can use Astrology to find our way back home to the sacredness of who we are. 

Starry Spirits, temporarily embodied here on planet Earth.

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