Hey there, I’m

My mission is for you to see your greatness, step into your power and start living out the magical live you came here to live.


Hey,  I’m Gian Tara.

I’m an astrologer, modern mystic and cosmic empowerment coach. My dream for you is to live a happy life embodying all your gifts and shining your bright light in this world.

The tools I use are astrology, the tarot, numerology, intuitive energy work and cosmic shamanism. I also use very practical down to earth mindset tools when they are called for. 

My gift is balancing the two worlds, heaven and earth, and helping you do the same. I guide you to be fully embodied, with two feet on the ground, connected to mother earth, and also be fully connected up and out, to father spirit and the cosmic energies, trusting your soul and the call of the spirit.

I’m a Pisces sun, Scorpio moon and Sagittarius rising. Fully embodying my own natal chart and using all the gifts of it and avoiding  the pitfalls has been one of the greatest journeys of my life.  I have a very strong Neptune that gives me my strong intuition. I also have a very strong Uranus that drives me to be awake in every moment and to guide others to do the same.

Modalities I have studied and use:

Astrology – Western , Esoteric and Evolutionary.

Tarot and Quabbala as taught in the Western mystical tradition

Usui Reiki level I & II
Sat Nam Rasayan level I
Kundalini yoga teacher training
Shamanic energy healing from South Indian and Sri Lankan tribes
Cosmic shamanism and Light Priestess training in the Rose Lineage of Mary Magdalene
Sound healing – I have taken trainings with many master sound healers, specialising in Gong healing


If you want to know more about my background here you go:


I come from Iceland and I am a mother of two, one boy and one trans daughter.

I studied Kundalini Yoga at Ra Ma Mallorca and it was very transformational for me and woke me up to remembering gifts from many previous lifetimes as a spiritual practitioner, priestess and a yogi. I’ve been doing this for many lifetimes.

I am also a professional astrologer and I have been studying astrology and numerology, mysticism and philosophy, both western and eastern, for the last 20 some years. 

My secret goal in life has always been enlightenment, the great awakening. To experience God. To understand life, the universe and everything.

Let’s just say that’s a work in progress…

I love Kundalini Yoga and teaching it brings me immense joy. I feel like I have finally hit gold after decades of searching. Kundalini yoga  is the yoga of awareness, a Raja yoga (royal yoga). It is a masterful technique to bring you closer to your essence, your soul. It is also  a householder yoga, perfect for people with a busy schedule that still want to develop a powerful spiritual practice.

Again, Kundalini yoga is something I remeber having practiced many times before.

I have another website The Sacred Way where I post about the things I find that fascinate me. 

I believe sharing makes us stronger. 

Part of my journey has been to overcome childhood abuse and the trauma it inflicted upon me. I went on to enter into two relationships with physically abusive men. 

I became a mother at 21, fortunately his father is a lovely man, not one of my abusers.

I lost my brother, my closest family to suicide the same year I had my firstborn. He was 2 years younger than me. The same year I lost 5 other friends and family members to all the ways humans die, except none of them was killed.

I suffered from depression, anxiety and PTSD for a long time.

I sometimes feel like before I came here I decided to try out as much as I could of the more devastating parts of the human experience.

It sure was hard.

But it was also a great lesson. I have endless compassion for my fellow humans. I know that we are all fighting our own battles and it’s impossible to know what another is going through except maybe if the tell you.

I know that having gone through all that I went through and to have come out on the other end, happy, content, full of life and love for this planet and everyone on it is a great gift.

And for the rest of my life I intend to use this gift to serve the world the best I can.

My goal in life is to do my best, no matter how imperfect my best may turn out to be, to help make us all become a stronger kinder people. To be who we really truly are. I want to share all my knowledge, my thought process of pondering those questions and my progress along the way. I believe in big goals. Big dreams are the best. (Think Martin Luther King.)

If you are reading this, know you are loved, at least by me. And I mean it.

I have made it my business to take every single human being into my heart and am in a process of growing my heart to better fit all of you in there. I am working on an infinitely big heart.

With so much love, 

Gian Tara

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