Get a natal chart reading with an emphasis on discovering your grand plan for this lifetime. See where you come from and where you are heading.

It’s all in the chart.

I also do charts for children to help parents be the guide that their child needs .

Astrology is an amazing tool. 

It’s like a secret owner’s manual for our life. 

The deeper you go into studying astrology the deeper and more accurate it gets. 

Our natal chart holds the secret to our grand life plan for this lifetime. By reading the chart we can see the patterns of our life. Tendencies, talents and strengths stand out when you know what to look for.

When we read an astrology chart we look at everything. All the planets and the aspects between then – how they work together. We also look at the houses the planets were in when you were born and the sign that was on the horizon, your rising sign. From this we start to see the bigger picture.

When I read a chart I also look at how the outer planets are playing with your chart today. As the planets travel in their eternal movements they regularly make contacts to our natal chart. When this happens we might suddenly be luckier than usual or we might find ourselves facing the bigger questions of why we are here and what we are doing with our life.

My favourite study area at the moment is Evolutionary Astrology. The study of the soul through astrology. When we know what to look at we can see your soul’s plan for this lifetime. We can see what you came here to do and by knowing that you can see if you are on the right track or if you need to make some adjustments.


Astrology for your Children

Another thing I love to help people with is looking at the natal chart of their children. That way the parents can better understand their children and more thoughtfully guide their children in their development.

By knowing our children’s natural strengths and talents we can also more skilfully guide them along their path, not the path that we would like them to travel.

Our children often have a plan very different from ours. What we see as a difficult child may sometimes be a soul that wants to learn through tension and hard work. Not everyone chooses the easy way.


Solar Return Readings

Every year on your birthday you get a new blueprint for the year. The solar return happens when the sun is at the same exact astrological location as when you were born. This might happen a day before or after your actual birthday.

The great thing about Solar Returns is that if you don’t like the chart you get for the year you can make some adjustments by relocating for your Solar return. Flying or driving off to a location on the planet that gives you a blueprint for the year that is more to your liking.

It is best to do a Solar return a little bit before the birthday if you are considering a relocation, in case you want to fly off to some far away place for your Solar return.

I do live readings of the chart via a video chat. We find a place and a way that works for you.


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