Kundalini Yoga is the most powerful tool for self transformation that I have found.

If you do the work, transformation will happen. It is a very precise science.

A regular practice will strengthen you both physically, mentally and spiritually. You will develop a clear mind and better focus. You will strengthen your nervous system so that you can handle the daily pressure of life.

According to studies meditation changes your brain in a very positive way. The part of your brain that host anxiety and depression starts to shrink with regular practice and the brains of long time meditators can look up to 20-30 years younger than people their age. This diminishes the risk of degenerative diseases such as alzheimer and dementia.

In a private session we work together to help you create a practice that you love. 

I recommend committing to a daily practice but we will build the practice around you. 

It’s simple – The best practice for you is a practice that you will actually do.

We will discuss your focus points and pain points to create a practice that builds you up physically. mentally and spiritually.

I conduct sessions through video chat or I can come to your home if we are in the same country. Ask. I am based in Iceland but I travel a lot.


If you want to I will look at your numerology and astrology to see what practices, meditations and kriyas (a set of yoga asanas) will be most beneficial for you based on your birthdate. 

Alternatively you can book me to teach a full class in your home or workplace. 


After you book you will get an email to set up our session.

If you have any questions, contact giantara@giantara.com and we will get back to you.


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