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Venus and you – How to work with Venus for more ease and flow in your life

I’ve been diving into Venus and her significance for us personally over the last couple of days.

My favourite thing to do is to study and teach what I’ve studied so I thought I’d share a couple of thoughts about Venus.

Venus just changed signs from Aquarius into Pisces, her favourite place to be of all the signs.

She will stay there until late February when she will move into Aries.

Venus and you

As she travels through the sky she also moves around your own personal astrological natal chart.

Venus is the Goddess of love and the Lesser Benefic of traditional astrology. Wherever she is in your chart she brings blessings and charm.

Venus in your natal chart stands for love, money and values. What is important to you. How you love and how you want to be loved. How you would love to make money and what is valuable to you.

The Venus Cycle

Venus takes about 1 year to go the whole cycle around the Sun.

She always travels close to the Sun so for the most part she travels through about the same signs at similar times each year. As she does she makes contact with all the planets, houses and angles of your natal chart.

This is your personal Venus cycle.

For example if your sun or moon is in Pisces, Venus will be going over them while she travels through Pisces.

This will activate visibility (when she conjuncts the Sun) or emotionality and needs (as she goes over your moon)

The same applies when Venus goes over all the other planets. She will positively activate the themes of the planets.

Venus through the houses

Another thing to look at is to see what house Venus is travelling through in your natal chart.

This house will be positively affected while Venus travels through it.

The love houses are (mainly) the 4th and 7th

The money houses are (mainly) the 2nd and the 8th.

Venus transits through the houses of your natal chart

As Venus transits through the skies she will be affecting different areas of your personal life as she transits through the houses of your chart.

1st is great for Self-love

2nd is great for money

3rd is great for communication

4th is great for family and home

5th is great for creativity & children

6th is great for service and hard work

7th is great for all relationships

8th is great for s*x, money & diving deep

9th is great for travel & expansion

10th is great for your legacy work

11th is great for friends & community

12th is great for therapy and healing

Tracking your own Venus Cycle

What you can do is to look back to your life and see if there are some yearly patterns for you personally.

Especially when it comes to beginnings of relationships and influx of money. As those are the main themes of Venus.

Do you tend to fall in love in June and September? Have more money in October? Look for thise kinds of patterns and see how they relate to your Venus cycle.

Venus and love

If you are looking for love, the times when Venus moves through your

4th and 7th house are often the best times to start a new serious relationship.

The 5th is great for flirting,

The 9th is great for love while travelling.

The 11th is great for love based in friendship.

Where is Venus affecting you now?

  • Pull up your natal chart. FX use
  • Look for the sign of Pisces and see what house it is in, in your chart.
  • All houses rule a specific area of our life. The area of life that Pisces rules in your natal chart is the area that will be affected by Venus in Pisces.
  • Do you have any planets in Pisces? If so, look up what these planets stand for.

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