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The Spiritual Warrior – Full Moon in Aries

October 13th 2019

The energy of this full moon in Aries is very interesting. 

On this full moon we have a choice to make. The intensity is high and things can really go both ways. Into positive expansion or into anger and disruption. 

Do we want to focus on what is wrong and burn up our energy in frustration and anger. Or do we want to expand our vision, see what needs to be done to change our lives for the better and fearlessly head in that direction. 

The choice is ours.

The Spiritual Warrior

The energy of Aries in the positive is the Spiritual Warrior. The willingness to fearlessly fight for justice for all. Aries in the negative is uncontrolled anger. Going around egotistically setting things on fire without thinking of the consequences.

Aries is the first sign of the astrological year. It is the great initiator, the headstrong warrior going fearlessly into battle. Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war. There is nothing like Aries energy to get things going.

In general the energy of the full moon is focused on culmination and release. The full moon in Aries is different. We have the energy of a new beginning mixed up with the energy of letting go. Therefore it is the perfect opportunity to see what needs to change and start heading in a more positive direction.

On a full moon there is always some underlying tension. The sun is opposite the moon so our sense of self (Sun) and our feeling nature (Moon) are pulling us in two different directions.

There is a sense of inner separation. When we are not consciously aware of this separation the tendency can be to resolve the tension by attacking the people around us. Arguments and fights are more likely on a full moon. Add alcohol to the equation and we get the physical violence.

Chaos, Discord and Expansion

This full moon is conjunct Eris, the goddess of chaos and discord. Her other name is Discordia and she is related to the archetype of Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction. 

On top of that the moon and sun are both in a hard aspect to Pluto, the ruler of the Underworld and the great spiritual teacher. Pluto teaches us by showing us what needs to go. It’s not a gentle teacher. If we hold on to what needs to go Pluto will take it from us anyway.

Thankfully we also have very positive aspects to Jupiter, the planet of luck, generosity and the great expander. The Moon is trine Jupiter and the Sun is sextile Jupiter. 

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system and a very positive force for good. When we add this Jupiterian energy to the mix, we get the power to direct the hard lessons of Pluto and the disruptive element from Eris into the positive.

The Full Moon Expands Everything

The full moon is an expander. It expands everything it touches. As conscious people our job is to decide what we want to expand. To be aware of the full moon and then make a conscious intentions on what we want the full moon to expand. On an Aries full moon our intentions are extra powerful because of the Aries ability to start new ventures.

How to Best Use this Energy

A great way to use this energy would be to sit down and think what needs to be changed in your life. Where are you out of integrity with the way you want to live? Are there steps you’ve been wanting to take to be more environmentally friendly? Is there a humanitarian project that you’ve been wanting to initiate? 

You are powerful beyond measure. Take that in and then take action to re-dream the world. We need more active dreamers in this world.

Happy full moon!

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Gian Tara

teach your eyes to bless

Radical Love – Bless Everything you see (Including yourself in the Mirror…)

“Teach your eyes to bless everything you see.”

A. Jodorowsky (one of my favourite film makers and crazy, magnificent human).

A few years ago I found this sentence on his twitter or instagram account and wrote this on my bathroom mirror.

So that every time I would look there I would see these words.
So that I would treat myself kindly.
So that I would stop looking at myself and focusing on what’s wrong.
So that I would focus on what’s right. Look at myself with love.

So these words would gently seep into my being.
So that I might eventually live that way. Blessing everything and everyone I see.
It’s so easy to judge and so hard to bless in stead.
But this is one of my favourite practices.

Imagine blessing yourself EVERY SINGLE TIME you look into the mirror.
Imagine looking at your partner and blessing him/her when you look at them, every single time.
Imagine looking at your children when they’re being difficult and blessing them, there and then, in that moment.
Imagine going about your day, using your eyes to bless.

What does it mean to bless?
In the simplest way, it simply means to love.

To choose love over everything else.

And here is a bonus quote from Yogi Bhajan:

“You must look beyond the mirror! You are the spirit, you are the soul, you are the self. You are the honour, you are the source of all sources. You are the redeemer of all redeemers. From you, this creation is born.”

With so much love, Gian Tara

energy healer

The story of how I became a healer

This is the story of how I became a healer. Trust me, it was NEVER my plan.

I’ve always been a sceptical person. I don’t believe things unless I there is solid reasons for me to believe in them. At the same time I have always had an open mind and a firm belief that we as a human kind don’t know it all, or even close.
This belief comes from studying history. At the turn of the twentieth century the common belief was that we had already discovered and invented almost everything that we could…

Anyway, so energy healers were a bunch of people that I had very limited faith in. The whole thing just made no sense to me. I didn’t look down on them, my philosophy has always been live and let live, and I have a lot of friends that have learned Reiki at some point but it was just never my thing.

Waking up as a healer – Literally

Fast forward two one morning in May, two years ago. I was walking as steadfastly as I could down this spiritual path that I am on. A year earlier I had been at a very desperate point in my life, seeking help everywhere I could imagine I could find it and my life was at a huge turning point for the better.

(I must mention that during my dark night of the soul I never once thought of going to see a healer.)

So that strange morning in May 2017 I woke up and the first though that entered my mind was “I know how to heal with energy.” The next thought was probably something more like WTF!

I woke up, got out of bed, sat down on my meditation pillow next to the bed and started to play with the energy coming through my hands. It was so strange. A part of me felt like I had always known how to do this and the other part of me was more like – why! what the f am I supposed to do with this.

About a month or two later I decided to learn Reiki, the scientist in me wanted to compare it to my own experience. During the Reiki course everything I learned was just a confirmation of what I already knew, except for the Reiki symbols, the rest I knew.

Sat Nam Rasayan – 

Later that year a friend of mine Jóga með Gígju told me about a retreat that she went to. It was a Sat Nam Rasayan retreat. She told me that she had the most profound experience of deep meditation of her life. I was sold.

Sat Nam Rasayan just also happens to be another healing modality. I was not really interested in that part, it was the meditation that I was after. And it has been a life changing experience. To experience oneness with everything, completely sober, sitting in meditation is the most transcendental experience of my life.

However the deeper I got into it the more I realised, by experience, that healing actually works. So here I am, a healer, without ever having had any intentions becoming a healer.

Life truly is strange.

If you are looking for a healer – feel free to send me a message. And  if you are very sick and in a bad financial situation because of that, I work for free.

A sceptic? trust me, I understand you completely. The only reason I am a healer is that I have seen and experienced myself what it does. Knowing what I know and seeing all the pain and suffering around me, I just need to do what little I can do to help. So here I am, a healer.